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Supporting Lakeshore Public Television and Radio is Important for Northwest Indiana

Northwest Indiana: if you and your family enjoy Lakeshore Public Television and the great programming that comes with it, you should actually support the network through membership, sponsorship, auctions, and helping them spread the word about the programming and content.

We all grew up watching Sesame Street, Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Electric Company, Schoolhouse Rock, and a ton of other great kids programming. They still have a great lineup on shows such as Sesame Street, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, Arthur, and Sid the Science Kid.

The bounty of public television has always included adult programming also with NOVA, a whole range of concerts to suit most any taste, America's...

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Indiana Grain CEO Tom Grisafi Featured in Crain's

indiana-grain-white.jpgIndiana Grain CEO Thomas Grisafi is featured in the new issue of Crain's, available Monday.

The article, which chronicles the growth of social media within the financial industry, includes commentary from Grisafi as well as Jon Najarian, owner of Chicago brokerage firm TradeMonster.

“It's not always reliable and not always accurate, but if you can sit and look through the Tweets and know who's sending them, you can decipher them and get a feel for who they are,” Grisafi tells the publication. “It's like the trading pits. You get a sense of the integrity for the Tweeter the same way you did with traders.”

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TraderPlanet.com's TraderTube Educational-Video Service Attracting Attention From Successful Trading Educators

TrPlanet_Today.jpgwww.TraderPlanet.com , a social-networking site for traders and investors, announced today that it recently added another expert to the TraderTube educational-video service. This free service continues to attract interest from successful trading educators who wish to provide to the TraderPlanet member audience exclusive instruction on trading today's global markets.

The service debut in May 2010 premiered a channel with Larry Williams, a commodity and stocks trader with over 45 years trading experience. Williams is the only futures trader in the world to repeatedly trade $1 million of his own money live at seminars around the globe. One can access the Larry Williams Channel with the following link - http://www.traderplanet.com/tradertube/index/549

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Are Positive Political Campaign Ads Just a Crazy Idea?

Are positive political campaign ads just a crazy idea?

Like anything in life, you can choose to view whatever you face as a negative or a positive, and anyone that knows me knows I am a bit nuts about looking at most anything as an opportunity.  Rather than wonder why things are the way they are, I'd always rather spend my time wondering how they could be different.  Change for change sake is not smart, but don't we all want to do things a little bit better, or a lot bit better, tomorrow than we do them today?

Politics is much the same in my very limited view - the more things change the more they stay the same, but it sure does not have to be...

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Stay Cool and Save Energy Throughout the Summer

PurdueLogo.jpegHomeowners can save as much as 20 percent in energy costs by adopting a few quick and easy practices, a Purdue University professor says.

One of the top ways to save energy is to make sure air-conditioning equipment is well-maintained, says William Hutzel, an associate professor of mechanical engineering technology.

"In many cases the air conditioner will work and generate cooling, but it may not be operating close to premium," he says. "So you could pay 20 percent more than you need to if it's not maintained."

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Do You Want To Be the Man, the Myth, or the Legend?

Observations on Why You Should Emulate the Principle, Not the Person

Aristotle had Plato, Nikolai Tesla had Thomas Edison, and even Steve Young had Joe Montana. In today’s world, ten-year olds want to be the next LeBron James or Peyton Manning and


thirty-year olds want to be the next Donald Trump or Tiger Woods.


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Leaders are Paid Based on How They Need to be Spending their Time

You don't need to hawk over every aspect of your company.

You may call yourself a business leader, but are you really doing what it takes to lead your business?

Often times, when I work with small to mid-size business owners, they tell me that everyone in their company is just buried in their day-to-day business tasks. These organizational heads tell me they are even...

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Are You Really "Open" For Business?

Just because your sign is on, it doesn’t mean you are truly open for business.

After spending my whole career—one way or another—in the business development field and being a bit crazy about the subject, I continually find many little things businesses could be doing to improve their results. Recently, I was searching for a local contractor, so I began to scroll through my local chamber of...

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Why Does Every Athlete Need a Coach and You Don’t?

These two coaches have won 13 of the last 18 NBA Championships by maximizing their superstars’ talents.

Basketball season is going strong. This June, the rejuvenated Boston Celtics franchise will attempt to defend the NBA title against all challengers. Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan—all of these superstars will try to lead their respective teams to this season’s championship. Although these athletes are, unquestionably, the leaders of their respective teams, they cannot accomplish their goals alone. These...

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