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Local Nature-Inspired Art Tells a Very Human Story at Pines Village

The City of Valparaiso has seen an explosion of art-inspired campaigns over the years. From “Pop-Up Art” to a variety of workshop opportunities, locals are strongly encouraged to create and support regional artists.

Pines Village Retirement Community is continuing the trend with their recurring “Meet the Artist” reception and gallery. Every six weeks a local artist is chosen by Amy Page, Corporate Relations Director, to display his or her work in the gallery as well as give a public talk to discuss their process, what inspires them, or how they started making art.

“Here at Pines Village, our residents have been providers and supporters of the arts…We have always been very dedicated to [local artists],” Page explained. “We want to encourage their creativity.”

Pines Village has been hosting this event since 2009, opening both the “Meet the Artist” reception and the gallery to the public; this way, art enthusiasts both young and old can come together and appreciate a variety of artwork many times a year.

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This Sunday begins Jessica Haug’s nature-inspired exhibition. Based in Highland, Haug is an art teacher and has left a massive imprint on her community with the creation of a mural in Downtown Highland featuring blue herons. While she uses a variety of mediums, most of Jessica’s artwork features plants and animals as the subjects. Nevertheless, her art tells very human stories.

“People have a really profound fascination and attachment to animals…It seemed to me that it was a lot easier for people to connect emotionally with animals that they liked [rather] than with other people that they didn’t know,” Haug explained during her talk on Sunday.

Her art currently on display in the Pines Village Gallery follows the same trend. One collection uses the beatitudes from the Bible to showcase the sacredness of nature. The series features mourning pilot whales, herons eating a snake, fish swimming among human debris, and a tree surrounded by construction.

“In this series, all of the animals have halos,” Haug explained. “Often times we think about saints and other things that are blessed as being people. I was trying to express that there is sacredness through all living things.”

This unique approach is evident within all of her work. Images of both life and death advocate for change and a re-examination of the human race’s impact on nature, all while also inspiring acceptance and recognition of the beauty of the natural world.

Haug’s art will be on display at Pines Village Gallery until April 5th. The gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. For more information on upcoming exhibits, call (219) 465-1591 or visit their website.

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