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A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Elena Dwyre


It is a well-known sentiment that children are our future. They hold the fate of our world in their hands, and it is not only our responsibility to give them the tools and knowledge to succeed, but it is truly in our own best interests to do so, since they will take over as leaders once we are gone.

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#1StudentNWI: Marquette Catholic Blazers Push Forward


Recently happened

Now that there is snow on the ground, basketball season can begin. The Lady Blazers have already started their season and hold a 14-2 record. To start off the basketball season for both girls and boys, an event called “Marquette Madness” was held. MQT Madness consisted of both teams playing against each other, fan contests, and introducing the players of both teams.

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#1StudentNWI: Science Olympiad, Basketball, and Dedication at Westville


Student Spotlight

This month’s student spotlight is Kaylynn Popp. Popp is a junior at Westville High School and has attended the school since kindergarten.She loves Westville as a school and is very proud to be a Blackhawk.

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#1StudentNWI: Wheeler Recycles and Celebrates Seniors in January


Project Green

New clubs are constantly appearing at every high school. However, students noticed a unique new club at Wheeler last fall. The new club, called Project Green, was brought about to inform the school about environmental issues and ways to fix them. Saving the planet is not the easiest task for a high school club, however. The students decided to focus on ways they could start small.

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#1StudentNWI: La Porte Builds a Brighter Future


Teacher spotlight – Lute-Brown

An extremely vital part of being a teacher is showing compassion. Luckily, most teachers at La Porte High School do pride themselves in it, but one of the first people most students think of is Mrs. Lute-Brown.

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#1StudentNWI: Griffith Advocates for Success


What’s Happening:

Motivational speaker Ted Wiese visited Griffith High School to speak to the National Honor Society and work on improving their leadership skills. Through fun, interactive activities the group of sophomores, juniors, and seniors learned the key components to becoming an effective leader: trustworthiness, honesty, communication, and teamwork.

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#1StudentNWI: It's Snow Joke - Kouts Students are Staying Busy this Winter


Rube Goldberg

The Kouts Rube Goldberg team is in full swing. The goal of Rube Goldberg is to complete a task in as many steps as possible. This year, the team, sponsored by Mr. Jeff Hutchison, is tasked with pouring a bowl of cereal, including the liquid component. In mid-September, the team, lead by seniors Travis Brubaker and Kyer Kneifel, started brainstorming themes. After much collaboration on the whiteboard, they settled on DC comics. From there, they came up with a blueprint of the project, assigned jobs, and started the creation phase.

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10 Fun Things to Do in NWI for January 19th - 21st, 2018


There's so much to do as we move into the new year! From sledding, nature hikes, to concerts everywhere, there's something for everyone. Take a look.

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A Life in the Spotlight: AN Rashad Jackson


Fighting for one’s country is a noble thing to do with one’s life. For those who heed the calling of service, the rest of us owe them more than we can repay. They believe that serving their country in one of the military branches is a duty to be performed by each citizen.

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#1StudentNWI: LaCrosse Kicks off 2018


What's Happened:

There’s always this interim period between the end of November and Christmas Day where the only thought running through everyone’s mind is, “will we get snow?” The last few Decembers have been a little bit light on it, which probably made it easier for everyone doing last minute shopping or driving, but it ruined the magic. This year, determined to make up for that mishap, Mother Nature came out swinging. Frigid temperatures, ice laid down back roads for miles, and drifts not even the Fast or Furious would dare attempt. Students were let out of school on the twenty-second, just barely a day or two before it really started to get cold. Before that, however, they managed to pack in plenty of things.

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#1StudentNWI: The Fifty-Niners Finish First Semester


The month of December was a busy one for the Niners. With final exams right before break, most students spent some time preparing for the end of the semester. However, with Christmas fast approaching, the student body also took the time to give back to the community. YARC Club hosted its annual Christmas party for disabled children and adults, Interact Club wrote Christmas letters to soldiers, and the senior class visited two nursing homes to celebrate the holiday season.

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