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Centers for Vein Care Host First Love Your Legs Health Fair of 2018

Centers for Vein Care in Crown Point hosted their first Health Fair of 2018 on Saturday, offering the community a look into the Region’s premier vascular care facilities and procedures. Featuring free chair massages, ultrasounds to detect vein issues, and a Health Jeopardy! Game with prizes, the Centers for Vein Care looked to highlight the often overlooked importance of vascular health.

Centers for Vein Care serves patients from all across Northwest Indiana, with locations in Crown Point, Hobart, La Porte, Munster, and Valparaiso. They hold these health fairs throughout the year at each location to raise awareness about their services and the importance of vascular health in the communities they serve. Rohit Puranik, M.D, attended the health fair and met with patients to discuss their health.

“Vascular health generally falls into two categories, arterial problems and venous problems,” said Dr. Puranik. “Most people assume that if they’re having vascular problems, that it’s an arterial problem. We do treat that, but one of the big things for us is helping people understand that many vascular problems in the legs are venous. We want people to work with someone, like us, who understands the big picture.”

The health fair was titled “Love Your Legs,” as the legs are an area most commonly impacted by venous issues. Ulcers, leg swelling, restless legs, and more are very often mistakenly attributed to arterial problems, but through quality assessment and outpatient care, Centers for Vein Care can address these problems whether they be arterial or venous.

“Vein disease is often misdiagnosed,” said Jessica Noren, Office Manager of Centers for Vein Care at Crown Point. “Not many vein clinics focus on individual assesment and treatment the way we do. So a lot of the patients that we diagnose come back with great stories about how they feel better.”

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Centers for Vein Care puts a big focus on assembling an expert team, from their doctors and ultrasound technicians to their office staff, they ensure that patients get quality service as soon as they come through the door.

“We have all the expertise in-house,” said Dr. Puranik. “We’ve made a lot of effort in the past few years to develop a team who all have expertise in some capacity, not just one person who knows everything. Having that expertise across the team is really what allows us to provide comprehensive care from beginning to end.”

The free ultrasounds offered at the health fair gave attendees a glimpse into their vascular health and the quality of assessment that the Centers for Vein Care provides. Silvia Ramirez is one of their ultrasound technicians and is a longtime vascular health veteran who joined the team last year.

“I started working here last year and fell in love with it,” said Ramirez. “I love working with the doctors and staff. Vascular health is so important, people don’t realize that veins play such a large part in their health. To take care of your legs is extremely important, because if you let these issues go they cause other problems.”

The office filled with chatter right as the event started, prospective patients came through the doors and explored their opportunities. Some got massages or ultrasounds, others met with Dr. Puranik. One thing they all had in common was that they walked away with comprehensive knowledge about the importance of vascular health.

To learn more about the Centers for Vein Care or to register for their next event, visit their website at

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